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Online Games

Online games that have not started being played are all listed here, after a game has started it no longer shows up in this list as you can't join a game in progress.

You can also click the “Create Game” button to start your own game.


Map: Lets you choose what map you want to play (There is only one Playspace right now but there will be more.)

Ping Max: Sort out the games that are below a certain ping, which means a better connection.

Started Game: Lets you sort the games you are viewing.. the ones in play or the ones waiting to start. However games in play are set to not be listed so this option may be useful in the future.

Show Full Games: Toggles whether the game list shows games that are full of players and have no room left.

Password: Toggles whether games that are password protected, show up in the game list.

Host Type: Displays games that are Player hosted or Server Hosted. For now all games are player hosted.

Player Number: Choose to show only the games that support the chosen amount of player.

Game List

Game Name: The name that the game host gave his game so people could find it.

Host Name: The account name of the person hosting the game.

Host Type: Shows if the game is Player hosted or dedicated server. As of right now, only player hosting is available.

Map: The name of the Playspace being played on. There is only one Playspace that supports all maps.. however we plan to have genre based playspaces in the future.

Players: Shows the number of player in the lobby and the maximum amount of player the game can hold.

Status: This area shows if the players are waiting to play of if they have started playing. Games that are already in play are hidden from this list by default.

Ping: The latency between you and the server.. the lower the better or you may experience de-sync.

Password: Shows whether the server is password protected or not. If the server is password protected you will have an option to type the password here.

Join: Click this to join the games lobby.

Search Field: type in the server name you are trying to find and this area will search for it.

Go: Initiates the search, after you have entered something to search fro in the search field.

Refresh List: Reload and update the list of servers to see the ones that were just started.

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