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Map Editor Instructions

Quit: Exits the Map Editor back to the Main Menu.

Save: Save your Map to the Maps folder of the campaign you are making.

Load: Load a map you previously saved, or downloaded into the map editor.

Clear: Clears EVERYTHING off of the current Map, leaving a blank map.

Grid: Toggle the display of a Grid of “Movement Squares” on the map, to help planning and alignment.

Snap: Toggle the Snapping or free movement of item to be placed on the map (Hold “E” for fine snapping if you don't wish to fully turn off the snapping feature)

Light: Toggle the Main lighting on and off. Used to let you plan and place custom lighting.

Land Size Slider: Use this to change the size of land “Squares” placed when you click in the map.

  • Small (1×1 Square)
  • Med (2×2 Square)
  • Large (4×4 Square)
  • Giant (8×8 Square)
  • Corner (1×1 Square)

See 'Ground Tab' below for setting the ground texture.

Ground Tab: Pick the texture to be applied to the land before you place it, in this tab. The default is a Grass texture.

Nature Tab: Contained in this tab are placeables that are related to nature like trees, rocks, and some special land pieces.

Tiles: These placeables are all part of the dungeon tile system which can also include some simple interior tiles.

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