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Map Editor Controls
Map Editor Instructions

The map editor is actually more than just a map editor. You can build maps but you can also pre-place miniatures for the GM or the players (if they are playing single player or co-op). By pre-placing Miniatures you can also link files made in the other editors to the minis making them load into the playspace fully ready to play.

Note: Any miniatures pre-placed onto a map will be under the control of the GM during play.

Map Making Flow

Basically when making a map you want to know where to start. A tool this powerful can seem a little daunting at first glance. Here is the flow we suggest when making a map, to help you get started.

  • Decide if you want a Hex or Square based terrain (Or Both)
  • Decide what genre of map you want (Space, Modern, Fantasy or a mix of all of them)
  • Place your terrain. (Be sure to think about also making your map better by having “z-axis” play, which means making verticle parts to your map.. Hills, valleys and cliffs make for some great gaming.)
  • Place any large items on the map like buildings or points of interest (Place a miniature on the map to make sure your map and item scale is proper)
  • Place terrain and interior decorations (Build and decorate in small chunks or you will get overwhelmed)
  • Add any custom lighting
  • Add any custom particles
  • Add any Miniatures and setup any files on them if needed
  • SAVE your map!
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