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Loot Drop Editor

The loot drop editor is used to choose what item is dropped when a miniature or special placeable is accessed in the Playspace. You create the items in the Item Editor and can choose up to 10 items to be added to each drop list. You can also set the chance of an item to drop, which you can use to make some items more rare or drop every time. When a miniature in the Playspace is loaded (or had a loot drop list added to it) a random number is chosen between 1 and 10.. which chooses the item that will be listed as “dropped” by the miniature. If you put the same item in all 10 loot drop slots then it will have a 100% chance of dropping (Quest Items). If you put 5 of the same item in 5 of the loot slots then it will have a 50% chance of dropping and so on. By clicking on a miniature and then opening the “Loot” tab anyone can see the item that was chosen as the “loot drop” for that miniature. These loot drop lists can also be used on special placeable items and informational minis.

You must save the loot drop lists that you make into the “LootTables” folder of your campaign or they will not load properly in the Playspace.

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