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Item Editor

The Item Editor is used to create items for your campaign. These items can be added to Stores and added to loot drop lists, that are used to randomize items dropped by miniatures. Choose an Icon and fill in some information about the item to get it ready for your game. There are a ton of fields in the item editor but you don't need to fill them all in just to have a usable item. Customizable fields are also available so you can make the items fit into your rule set with ease. Be aware that there is no automated inventory system in RVPS because we want it to fit any rule set. When an item is dropped as loot or sold in a store it is up to the player to record the information in their characters inventory.

You must save the items you make in the “Items” folder of your campaign or they will lot load properly in the Playspace.

There is a known bug in the Item editor that makes it fail to load an item the first time you try to open one. Please just load the item a second time and it will load properly. This bug does not affect the saving of items.

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