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Some of these controls may change over time. But we plan to stay with this control system and just add more options.

Map Editor Controls

Map Editor Controls
W A S D keys Move Camera
Middle Mouse Button, F key Free Look
C Camera Down
Space Camera Up
Left Mouse Button Place Object
E(Hold) Fine Snapping
Right Mouse Button on object Object Menu
Mouse Wheel Rotate Object Rigth/Left
ALT+Mouse Wheel Rotate Object on its Z Axis
CTRL+Mouse Wheel Rotate Object on its X Axis
+/- Resize Object
M Mute Sound
F5 Hides GUI
**As of version a2.022316

Playspace Controls

Miniature Controls
F2 Deselect everything
Left Mouse Button [Hold and Drag] Pick up and move miniature
Left Mouse Button + X Delete Selected miniature (If you control it.)
Left Mouse Button + (+ or -) Resize miniature
Mouse Wheel
Left + Right Mouse Button
Free camera look
Left Mouse Button + MWheel Rotate Miniature
Camera Controls
W A S D keys Move Camera
W A S D + Shift Move camera faster
C Move camera down)
Space Move camera up
F5 Hide/Show GUI
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