Hosting a Game

Setting up your Multiplayer Game:

The moment you have been waiting for, seeing your hard work entertaining your friends! But first we need to set up a multiplayer game for your friends to join.

IMPORTANT: Because of how we built the networking system in Revolution: Virtual Playspace you will need to  “Port Forward” the port you are using to host the game.

The default port is: 25001

You need to forward the port as: UDP

We could have gone with a master server and some hosting company but we wanted R:VPS to be usable by everyone and  at any time.. not just as long as we felt like keeping the servers up (A problem seen on many older games with Gamespy shutting down and some game publishers taking down the maultiplayer servers due to the games age). So port forwarding is a requirement that allows the best use of this kind of product.

Only the person Hosting the game needs to have the port forwarded as any client can connect to you after the port is forwarded properly.

If you don’t know what port forwarding is, or require some help please do not contact our development team.. instead use the world wide brain known as Google. Here are a few links to get you started.


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