Gold Info

What is Gold for?

Gold is a rewards program through which you can earn points that can be redeemed for stuff in the Revolution Shop. Earning points is easy, and is based on your activities, such as taking part in conversations on the forums, signing in to our website daily, and many other activities.
Users that are eligible for the program have some points waiting for them after they first sign up for an account! For the full list of ways to earn Gold, visit our Gold webpage located in the top menu.

Note: All accounts can earn gold, but gold can not be transfered from one account to another.

Is there a fee to participate in Gold Rewards?

No, there’s no fee to enroll in the Gold program. You are required to register an account on the Revolution: Virtual Playspace website to gain Gold.

How do I earn more Gold?

Earning more gold is easy, and it add up fast. You’ll keep getting gold just for doing what you already do on the internet, like taking part on our forums. Plus, there are many ways to earn additional gold.

How do I redeem my Gold?

It’s easy to redeem your gold. Just browse the current selection of stuff in the Revolution Shop. Add a product to your cart and it will automatically tell you how many Gold you would need to purchase that product. Redeem your Gold to enjoy free stuff from the Revoltuion shop. You may also purchase those same products using Paypal. You can not make a partial payments using both Gold and Paypal, only one payment method can be used per purchase.

How long do I have to use my Gold?

You can redeem your gold as long as you remain eligible for the program and a member of the Revolution: Virtual Playspace website. In the event we discontinue the Gold program, you will be given a reasonable period of time to redeem your accumulated Gold.  

NOTE: If you cancel your revolution: Virtual Playspace website account or your account is disabled, your Gold will be lost. The account can be reactivated with the accumulated Gold intact. Administrators and developers can revoke an account at any time for any reason, however following the Revolution: Virtual Playspace website rules will ensure that your account remains active and earning Gold.

Does Gold have monetary value?

No, Gold has no monetary value. However, the redemption value of one point is approximately $0.01, although this value can vary.

Who can I contact if I have questions about my Gold?

For general questions, you can contact the team via the Revolution Shop Support area in our forums.