Question: Is Revolution: Virtual Playspace available for purchase yet?


Answer: Yes. You can purchase the game on Desura HERE.Or you can donate HERE.


Question: We are having trouble connecting to the person hosting the game, can you help?


Answer: Yes and No. You need help port forwarding and we don't supply support for your internet or router. However we do have some great information about how to go about forwarding the port needed. Only the person Hosting the game needs to worry about port forwarding. Once it's properly done, everyone will be able to connect. You can view the instructions HERE.


Question: Why aren't some of my stats and files not loading into the Playspace?


Answer: When you are working on a module, each one can have it's own Campaign folder or they can all share the same campaign folder. However.. when you load a map, the game remembers which Campaign folder it was loaded from and tries to load all other files from that campaign.. so it must have all the needed files within the same campaign folder that the map was loaded from. The game also depends on the folder structure for loading information properly and does not support extra subfolders or renamed folders. if you want to create a new campaign, just uncompress the "New_Campaign" .zip file and rename the campaign folder it makes. If you want to use files from another campaign or that you have downloaded online, simply copy them into the correct folder.


Question: Why aren't some Doors opening when right clicked the Playspace?


Answer: Doors that can be opened must be places in door frames during map creation. If the Tile that you are placing has a closed door built in then it was meant to be a non-openable door.


Question: Why are there jittery looking textures and lfickering when we are playing?


Answer: Building in the Map editor allows complete freedom. With that freedom it also allows for common mistakes. The common mistake of overlapping walls and tiles will cause this issue. We don't want to remove any of the freedom so please make sure when you are placing an object that they are not overlapping unless they are actually hidden within one another.. Objects of the same size taking up the same space will fight to show you their texture.. which makes the flickering.