Early Access Update (a1.81515)


Steam Early Access Update (a1.81515)
[ Keep the Dice Rolling ]

* This update adds more play options as well as the ability to see each dice rolled as requested by some players.

– 3D Dice System!!
– d4,d6,d8,d10,d12,d20,d00
– Chance Dice (Red, Yellow Green)
– Event Dice (Trap, Treasure, Monster, NPC, Puzzle, Lock)
– Mood Dice (Hostile, Dislike, Untrusting, Neutral, Friendly, Honored)
– Battle Dice (Melee Attack, Ranged Attack, Idle, Move, Defend, Run)
– Math Dice (Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide, None)
– Direction Dice (North, East, South, West, NW,NE,SE,SW)
– Shield and Skull Dice
– Coin (Heads & Tails)

Changed / Fixed:
– Enabled freelook in the Playspace to be "RMB + LMB" together instead of the "F" key for laptop users as the F key was massing with the ability to type into the GUI fields.
– Made the mouse lock when free looking in the map editor.
– Changed the position of the Information bubble when mousing over things as it may have caused issues on lower resolutions.

** Note: There is an intentional 1.5 second delay on the ability to click the spawn dice buttons quickly as it can cause lag spawning tons of dice at once.


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