Early Access (a1.90515) [How Long]


With this update we have added a measurement system to the playspace, so you can measure distances on your own screen without having to move a miniature. Toggle the "Measurement" box in the Settings tab of the playspace and click to start the measurement, click again to end the measurement and have the distance displayed to you in the chat box. By default it measures in "Squares" but if the GM enabled "Hex" mode it will measure in unit increments. Turn the toggle off to stop measuring.

Note: In the screenshot you can see the "Distance Line" that the system draws to show you the distance that you clicked. You can also see the output to the chat box, and the toggle mentioned above.

– Measurement system in the Playspace [Requested]
– 16 Sewer Entrances
– 9 Fancy Jugs
– 11 Stone Steps/Platforms

Fixed / Changed:
– Coin Collider Fixed
– Code Cleanup
– texture Cleanup


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