Alpha 0624a Released ** Nitro**


Update Tonight (Alpha 0624a) ** NITRO Patch **

We are calling this the Nitro patch because the biggest part of the patch is a 149% increase in performance in the Playspace. We were going to leave performance patches like this for the Beta, but we have enough players now, that we want to make sure they are enjoying Revolution to the fullest. We also filled a few requests in this patch as well. The performance boost took us longer than we expected but it's a great patch now that it's done. The screenshot show the buttons and bears, your play will show you the performance boost ;)

* Boost: After a map had loaded in the Playspace, a new system optimizes everything and makes the game run with a 149% "Draw Call" performance boost! Which means all maps including large maps will play better after loading.

(Requests Filled)
* Added: +/- Buttons to the Dice Rollers "Dice Amount"
* Added: +/- Buttons to the Dice Rollers "Dice Modifiers"
* Added: Brown & Black Bear Miniatures

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