Alpha 0525a Released!


Alpha 0525a Released Today.
After last patch's big update to the Conflict Playset (Military).. we have put some time into the Omega Playset (Space). We've added more Objectives..these are placeable objects that players can use as owned objects on the map for others to fight for! The Core Playset has Flags and Crystals, now Omega players have Planets! We have also added a new Space themed Nameplate to the Omega Miniatures. As well as more Omega Miniatures.

16 – Placeable Vehicles (Conflict and Rampart Plasysets)
36 – Planets as Objectives (Omega Playset)
17 – Starship Miniatures (Omega Playset)
– New Space themed Nameplates

– Minis and Objectives now lock on placement in the Playspace
– Default amount of Players when starting a game is now (8)
– The space based (Star Hex Tiles) now self illuminate as the objective do, to make space a much prettier place.
– Network Traffic has been reduced

Note: A video card with at least 512MB of dedicated video memory is required to enjoy playing Revolution. We have done some testing on older laptops with built in video cards with less than 512MB dedicated memory on board, and the systems could not keep up with the speed at which maps need to load into memory. We have see some players trying to do so and failing online and we have done the testing needed to verify that having less than the minimum system specs to run R:VPS may cause some problems.

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