About R:VPS

What is Revolution: Virtual Playspace?

Revolution: Virtual Playspace (R:VPS) is a digital virtual tabletop that focuses on co-op pen and paper RPG play. Create your own Maps, Quests, Conversations, Items, Miniatures, Loot Drops, Stores.. and then play your adventures or entire campaigns with up to 10 people as if you were playing a pen and paper game around a tabletop, using any rule system you like. With our advanced Battle Rules system the players control the heroes and the monsters for an exciting twist on an old play formula.

Play Types Supported:

  • GM & Players
  • Co-op
  • Single Player
  • Miniature Battles
  • Map Conquest
  • Wars


Why was R:VPS Developed?

Revolution Virtual Playspace was specifically designed to fill the gap left by many other 2D virtual tabletops while offering something completely new to the genre.. co-op play. We have taken the basics of any pen & paper rule set and given you a platform to not only apply those rules to play, but to do so with as much freedom as we were able to squeeze out of the digital environment. R:VPS was developed as a labor of love for gaming with our friends who no longer have time to meet up physically to enjoy some good old table top play time.


What can be done in R:VPS?

With the Editor Systems and the Playspace you can create worlds, play them with up to 10 people, and even share them with the community. We have made sure that each editor is easy and quick to use, so that you will spend more time enjoying your creations instead of making them. Although some people are more inclined to make module, adventures and campaigns.. we know that the majority of the people out there are heroes at heart and GMs second. But that doesn’t mean that we’ve left out our GM friends, we have just given them more chances to play with our co-op inspired Playspace.