About: Loot Drop Editor


LootDrop Editor:

When a miniature is defeated in battle you can either use the Randomizer (more on this later) or you can use this editor to prepare a list or up to 10 items that have a random chance of dropping for the heroes. You can also set a minimum and maximum amount of gold you want the miniature to drop and a random roll will be made for that as well.

If you want an item to drop half the time then you can add the item to five of the ten available slots.. the same would work for a quest item you would like to drop 100% of the time by adding it to all ten of the available slots. If you leave some of the slots blank then there is a chance that the miniature will just drop gold, or nothing at all depending on your settings.

This system makes many modules, adventures and campaigns re-playable, by offering the option for different loot every time it’s played. The Loot Drops get added to a miniature in the map editor and can be used on as many miniatures as you like.