Steam Early Access Update (a2.050316) [Were]

We have added yet another pack of Minis for free.. Werewolf themed. And some more nature based placeables for your map building needs. We have also tweeked the 3D dice rolling to

Steam Early Access Update (a2.042116) [Pack3]

We bring you more custom built 3D hero minis in Hero Pack 3.

Steam Early Access Update (a2.040916) [Pack2]

The alternate gender versions of all the classes in Hero Miniatures Pack 1. And a BONUS..2 blank characters for those people who prefer to not have a visually descriptive miniature.

Steam Early Access Update (a2.040516) [Pack1]

We bring you "3D Hero Pack 1".

Steam Early Access Update (a2.032816) [Easter]

Now that we have 3D monsters we needed some 3D heroes! A closed cave system and some more mini objects.. as well as some lighting tests.

Steam Early Access Update (a2.032116) [Mega2]

Some more Mega Minis, Some placeable fixes.. and the addition of ALL of the Mega Minis into the Map Editor!

Steam Early Access Update (a2.030916) [More!]

More Mega Minis, more Ramart Playset Minis (Showing off some of the new Spider Mechs!) and more Mini Object placeables.

Steam Early Access Update (a2.022316) [Tint]

For Space Battles and mood lighting the Day/Night system wasn't exactly perfect, so we have added a custom light that GMs can control! You can use it with the Day/Night Lighting or

Steam Early Access Update (a2.021316) [Cubes]

With this patch we bring you a completely new look for Square based Terrain!

Steam Early Access Update (a2.012316) [Father Time]

In this update we give you fill control over time of day, the flow of time and water that obeys the laws of depth and light!

Steam Early Access Update (a2.121615) [Happy BDay]

As a special Happy Birthday Release to myself this update not only includes 13 new Mega Minis... but also 9 Mega Mini Dragons!!

Steam Early Access Update (a2.120515)

This release we have made more Mega Minis that are only available in the playspace but can be sized and used with any Playset.

Steam Early Access Update (a2.112615) [Mega]

This update took a while because we were not only adding a new style of miniature, but because we were also crushing bugs caused by updating to Unity 5*. The Mega Minis

Early Access Update (a1.102615) [Quest]

With this update we have added more placeable objects, A new grid functionality in the Map Editor and Playspace, A whole new "MiniObject" system which allows for the placement of certain objects

Early Access Update (a1.100415)

Steam Early Access Update (a1.100415) [50More] With this update we bring you 50 more Core Playset Fantasy Miniatures. No, not as a DLC.. but as a free update! Added: - 50 New

Steam Early Access Update (a1.91115) [Eff Five]

The ability to Hide the GUI in the Map Editor and Playspace so the cool map images can be used in other systems.

Early Access (a1.90515) [How Long]

With this update we have added a measurement system to the playspace, so you can measure distances on your own screen without having to move a miniature.

Early Access Update (a1.83015) [Loads of Fun]

With this update we have added GM "Load" buttons to all the miniature information tabs, to allow all editor files to be loaded during play in the Playspace. This opens up a

Early Access Update a1.92615 [Request Filler]

An extended randomizer, default height system in the map editor and some more placeables.

Early Access Update a1.92215 [Music to My Ears]

New Music System, MFX Sysytem and some new placeables.

Early Access Update (a1.81515)

Keep the Dice Rolling. 3D Dice Added!

Early Access Update a1.80815

GUI Type Through Fixed. You no longer jump around while typing in the Playspace. And Much more!

Early Access Update (a1.80415)

We have applied some fixes and filled a popular request with this update.

Early Access Update (a1.80115)

Visual and Sound Effects systems have been added to allow visual and audio effects to be used on the fly while gaming, making it an even more immersive experience.

Early Access Update (a1.73015)

We filled some requests and added some great new content. Like, new Fantasy Structures and a Decals tab full of new decals to be placed.

Steam Early Access Update (a1.72615) Wildz

The Animals of Bunbarry are under attack by Zombie animals! Get the entire family involved in saving the town and it's herd! (Family friendly Playset with cute miniatures to get new or

Steam Early Access patch (a1.72215)

Chat & Dice Rolls now display your Steam Name so that you can change the name at any time, either for fun or for OOC and NPC talk. And more!

Steam Early Access Patch (a1.72014)

This is our first patch on Steam. With it we bring you a new Sci-Fi tile set, Onslaught Rule Set Files and a bunch of fixes!

Now Available on Steam!

Revolution : Virtual Playspace has now been released on Steam!

Alpha Patch 0711a Now Live!

In this patch we add functionality to the map editor and the Playspace, as well as adding some new miniatures and placeables!

Steam Greenlit in just 8 Days!

A huge Thank You to everyone, we have now been Greenlit on Steam, and in just 8 days! Amazing!!

Alpha 0705a Released

New... 4 new Dungeon Tile Sets, 12 new miniatures for the Demigods Playset and some optimizations!

Alpha 0624a Released ** Nitro**

We are calling this the Nitro patch because the biggest part of the patch is a 149% increase in performance in the Playspace. We also filled a few requests in this patch

Alpha 0612a Released!

The Demigods Playset was released in this update. 8 Miniatures have been added as well as 3 new tile sets!

Alpha 0603a Released!

This release fills out the Rampart Playset (Mechs) with a bunch of new miniatures and some more modern placeables which expands on a few of the playsets that come free with the

Alpha 0525a Released!

We've added more Objectives..these are placeable objects that players can use as owned objects on the map for others to fight for! The Core Playset has Flags and Crystals, now Omega players

Alpha 0519a Released!

With this update we have added more than 160+ new placeables all focusing on building a modern city which is meant to be used with three of the Playsets included with Revolution:

Alpha 0512a Released!

Twenty Two Medieval structures and a ton of new military miniatures for the Conflict Playset.

Alpha 0505a Released!

GM Links System : Is a new panel in the Playspace that lets the GM/Host to share internet links with everyone playing. As well as over 170+ new placeables!

Alpha 0501a Released

A ton of new miniatures, some voice sets and some fixes flesh out this new release.

Alpha 0428a Released!

With this alpha update we bring you Miniatures Nameplates, which makes it faster to visually identify the miniatures during play.. as well as new Traps, Torture and Blacksmith Placeables.

Alpha 0423a Released!

Bringing with it a huge expansion to the Advanced Interiors System and some more miniatures for the Core Playset.

Onslaught Rule Set – Released (Free)

We have released a very simple Miniature Battle rule set . This is not the official rule set of Revolution : Virtual Playspace because it's designed to use any rule set.. but

Alpha Release Video Trilogy

Watch these 3 videos to see what Revolution is all about. the Editors, the Map Editor and the Playspace.

Alpha release 0413a Is Now Live: Advanced Interiors and More

Alpha release 0413a Is Now Live: Introducing the new Advanced Interiors system and More!

Alpha 0407a is now Live! New Content by the truck load!

Multiple new modular tile sets and a ton of great new play assets were added in this alpha release.

Alpha 0401a Released! (Playsets)

A lot of new content and the introduction of playsets. Now with 970+ Placeables & 200+ Miniatures!

Alpha 0327a (Full Mac OSX Support)

Not every Alpha release can be a block buster. However this patch brings about a big feature. Full Mac OSX Support.. and More!

Alpha 0325a Has been released!

Over 250 new placeables including a new Hexagon Strategy System!